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How does AntiDuplicate protect my applications?

AntiDuplicate processes your USB flash drive.
As a result you have your application's protection dongle that has retained all properties of USB drive at the same time. You can still use this protected drive for distribution of your application.
How USB drives get the protection features
1. AntiDuplicate determines USB flash drive's specific characteristics and save the identification info to the hidden area of a corresponding drive.

2. For the best protection, we have created a unique technology, that allows AntiDuplicate to read and (in many cases) modify the protected drive's firmware data.
How your application can use AntiDuplicate for copy protection
AntiDuplicate does not protect your application directly. You need to modify your executable file sources (by using our SDK samples) to access the AntiDuplicate information on the USB drive:
Your Application AntiDuplicate DLL USB Flash Drive
AntiDuplicate DLL functions can be called from your 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

1. In the simplest way, AntiDuplicate provides your application to know that the USB drive is a copy, or no the original key drive in USB ports, so you can program any response that you want.
This case is demonstrated by AntiDuplicate Demo.

2. AntiDuplicate DLL returns special constants that are unique for each USB drive.
For example, you can use these constants as an encryption key to encrypt your data, e.g. your application's license information.

3. AntiDuplicate Professional Edition:  You can save your encoded data (up to 1 KB) to the hidden USB drive's area.
This data cannot be destroyed by formatting.

4. AntiDuplicate Professional Edition:  For some hardware configurations, you can choose the option to provide USB drive's write protection at the hardware level.
Files and data on your AntiDuplicate drives cannot be changed or erased, and AntiDuplicate drives cannot be formatted.
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