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Some USB flash drive models are not supported by AntiDuplicate. Why?

  • It is impossible to create a real software protection system that is compatible with all USB flash drive's configurations.
    Our goal is to prepare protected USB drives that practically cannot be correctly copied by any methods available today.

  • For the best protection, we have devised a unique technology, that allows AntiDuplicate to read and (in many cases) modify USB flash drive's internal data.

    We explored and found access methods for many, but not all, existing hardware configurations.
    It is a difficult and non-trivial problem, because there are hundreds of the USB drive's microcontroller models, thousands of hardware configurations, thousands of firmware modifications with various access commands, and there are no universal commands to access internal microcontroller structures.

    We are continuously adding new supported USB drive's hardware configurations to the new AntiDuplicate versions.
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